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In accordance with local, state, and rugby union governing bodies, the Cleveland Rovers RFC has adopted and mandated a set of requirements for all players and coaches who wish to participate in the upcoming Fall 2020 season. Strict adherence to the club's return-to-play mandate is an important part of ensuring the health and safety of our players, coaches, families, and community is held to the highest of priorities. The club reserves the right to prohibit any individual who does not comply with the below COVID-19 return-to-play policy:

World Rugby - COVID-19 Return to Play Awareness Course:

Every player and coach who wishes to participate in the upcoming Fall 2020 season must begin their compliance with the club's return-to-play policy by completion of World Rugby's COVID-19 Return to Play Awareness Course. A certificate of completion must be emailed to the club following successful completion of the course.  Individuals joining mid-season are permitted to participate in training sessions provided they’ve completed the course. Additionally, all players and coaches must maintain a record of 14 consecutive days of self-reported symptoms in order to be eligible for matches; temperature readings and symptom assessments will be conducted before each training session, practice, and match. 

Policy & Guidelines:


  • Each and every individual participant’s body temperature will be taken and recorded by the Cleveland Rovers COVID-19 Compliance Officer upon arrival to the event location (i.e. training session, squad practice, and/or match). Participants will not be permitted to begin warming up or join any activities until body temperature is successfully measured and recorded. In order to help facilitate an effective and timely execution of symptoms screening, please arrive to the scheduled event early.

  • After an individual's temperature is successfully measured and recorded, the participant will confirm that the symptoms check assessment is complete.

  • Any participant with a body temperature greater than 99.6 will be allowed 5 minutes to cool off, followed by a repeat measurement. If the measured body temperature is still high, that person will be sent home.

  • All participants must maintain a record of 14 days of self-reported symptoms in order to establish eligibility to participate in a match. These records must be available for review upon request by match officials, rugby union governing bodies, or of club affiliates. NOTE: missing a single practice may delay an individual's eligibility to participate in matches. 

  • Players and coaches must report any symptoms to the Compliance Officer immediately.

  • Social distancing guidelines of 6 feet apart while not on the field participating in training or a match.

  • There is no sharing of water bottles.

  • Any and all equipment used during practice will be sanitized after every practice.

The Cleveland Rover's RFC COVID-19 Return-to-Play policy is subject to change at anytime. Players and coaches will be notified of any changes to the policy. Questions regarding the return-to-play policy can be directed to the below club officers: